Isis sympathisers in east London met their match in the form of a nun who tore down a flag glorifying the Islamist fanatics accused of genocide agianst non-Muslim minorites in Iraq.

There was outrage in east London after the black flag of Isis (also  known as the Islamic State) was hung over the entrance of the Will Crooks estate in Tower Hamlets.

Reports claimed a gang of youths patrolled the area and intimidated members of the public who stopped to photograph the flag. Anti-Semitic threats were issued by thugs, reported the Standard.

But overnight, a plucky nun shrugged off the potential danger and tore down the flag from the gates, where it had been flying alongside a Palestine flag.

That nun was Sister Christine Frost, a Roman Catholic 77-year-old who has lived in and served the deprived local community for 44 years, as a member of the order of Faithful Companions of Jesus.

This woman is a legend.


She she she she only ever ver ver ver ver ,
Walks to to count count her steps,
Eighteen teen strides and she stops to abide
By the law that she herself has set.
That eighteen steps is one complete set,
And before the next nine right and nine left.
She looks up up at the blueeeeeee,
And whispers to all of the above.

Don’t let me drown, don’t breathe alone,
No kicks no pangs no broken bones.
Never let me sink,
Always feel at home,
No sticks no shanks and no stones.
Never leave it too late,
Always enjoy the taste,
Of the great great great grey world of hearts.
As all dogs everywhere bark bark bark bark

It’s worth knowing,

Like all good fruit, the balance of life is in
The ripe, and ruined.